soluções de comunicação visual | graphic design ® terá em breve um novo Website. Desenvolvido numa comunicação mais atual e mais focada em mim como Graphic & Web Designer e como Freelancer. Com um Portfólio renovado, com projetos orientados principalmente para o Branding Corporativo e Identidades Visuais.


Portfólio Temporário

One Country, All Solutions

Logo Design - Visual Identity - Editorial- Web Design

The project


PROJECT by Nuno Freire
Within the company | PMC-Digital.

Development of concept and visual identity, logo grant, editorial design of institutional brochures and graphic standards manual, design and development of landing page.

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The concept

The symbol, represented by a stylized tree as a visual connotation of continuous and global growth, also awakens the senses to life and people. After all, they depend on all the other factors.

The idea of being a "Tree", starts from the principle that, despite the complexity of its connection links and its constant evolution, the visible simplicity is its whole ... the Tree! The ramifications suggest, on the one hand, the multidisciplinary relationships between the diversity of professional competencies, but they are also inspired by the extensive Ria de Aveiro channels, and it is the Region that houses all the technological excellence of the companies that make up this new corporate identity .

In aesthetic and structural terms, the brand reveals a nature of complex simplicity, harmony in lines and colors, transparency and rigor, strength in its graphic expression and the identity it represents. Providing us with a more promising future in terms of technological guarantees.